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eGFX Breakaway Box

Sonnet lance le eGFX Breakaway™ Box pour booster la performance des applications graphiques pour gamers et professionnels
Le eGFX Breakaway™ Box est un un châssis d'extension Thunderbolt™ 3-vers-PCI Express® (PCIe®) à un slot pour raccorder toute taille de carte PCIe compatible Thunderbolt, y compris les cartes graphiques (GPU) haute performance sur un ordinateur Thunderbolt 3. Le eGFX Breakaway Box est spécifiquement conçu pour les gamers et les professionnels qui ont besoin d'exécuter des applications graphiques à débit intense sur leurs ordinateurs compatibles eGFX, portables, tout-en-un ou tout autre type d'ordinateur…


SF3 Series CFast 2.0 Pro Card Reader

Sonnet lance le lecteur de carte CFast™ 2.0 Pro — SF3™ Series
Le nouveau Lecteur de Carte CFast™ 2.0 Pro — SF3™ Series, le premier d'une nouvelle famille de lecteurs de médias professionnels disposant d'une interface Thunderbolt™ 3 à 40Gbps. Le lecteur Sonnet dispose de deux slots de carte pour tirer parti de l'énorme débit qu'offre le Thunderbolt 3. Le lecteur CFast 2.0 Pro de Sonnet, le premier lecteur de carte du marché en Thunderbolt 3, peut acquérir des fichiers depuis deux cartes simultanément avec un débit total allant jusqu'à 1.000 Mo/s — plus du double de la vitesse habituelle des lecteurs de carte USB 3.0…


Echo Express III-D & III-R - Thunderbolt 3 Edition

Sonnet Présente l'Echo™ Express SE III<
L'Echo™ Express SE III est le nouveau membre de la famille primée Echo Express de systèmes d'extension Thunderbolt™-vers-PCI Express® (PCIe®) de Sonnet. Avec le support complet du Thunderbolt 3, l'Echo Express SE III est un périphérique de bureau compact permettant d'utiliser jusqu'à trois cartes PCIe haute performance avec des ordinateurs Mac® équipés de ports Thunderbolt 3…


Echo Express III-D & III-R - Thunderbolt 3 Edition

Les Echo™ Express III-D et Echo Express III-R de Sonnet Désormais Disponibles en Thunderbolt™ 3
Sonnet Technologies a annoncé aujourd'hui que ses châssis d'extension Thunderbolt™-vers-PCI Express® (PCIe®) à trois slots Echo™ Express III-D (bureau) et Echo Express III-R (rack) sont désormais disponibles en version Thunderbolt 3…


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Articles sur les produits de stockage
DV RatingFusion F2
"Sonnet F2 ranks as one of the most innovative storage products in years and is well worth the consideration…" DV.com
  AMUG Reviews RatingFusion D500P E-series
"If you are in the market for a SATA PM enclosure, the Sonnet D500P is definitely worth considering…" amug.org

MacVideo RatingFusion F2
"The Sonnet Fusion 2 is solidly built, provides high storage capacities with a guaranteed high-speed, sustained throughput of data…and provides editors with an in-field solution which no other offers." macvideo.com
  Expert Reviews RatingFusion D400Q
"…is an excellent choice for anyone who needs high-speed data transfer, both in burst and sustained streams." expertreviews.uk

PC Advisor ReviewFusion F2
"…The Sonnet Fusion F2 is a niche device but if you regularly edit on location or in transit, it's going to be highly useful." expertreviews.uk
  Expert Reviews RatingFusion D500P
"…beautifully engineered and robust drive tray handles and locks. The solid metal case doesn't pack drives or other components too tightly, and beefy cooling fans should make the most of drive life…" expertreviews.uk

Expert Reviews RatingFusion F2
"The Fusion F2 managed to sustain an average throughput of about 125MB/sec…five times faster than the MacBook Pro's internal hard disk and easily twice what would be possible with a FireWire RAID setup." expertreviews.uk
  HD Magazine RatingFusion D800RAID
"The unit was pretty fast too…[and] its fan is a lot quieter [than Caldigit]. I'd be looking for places to muffle the CalDigit but I'd be happy to have the Sonnet next to the desk." definitionmagazine.com

TV TechnologyFusion F3
"…is very well designed—both visually and technically—and performs strongly enough to handle the most demanding standard- and high-definition video work." tvtechnology.com
  Creative Cow RatingFusion D800RAID
"Right out of the box the D800RAID looked to be a winner…It has the speed and reliability that is crucial to my business and at a price that won't break the bank." creativecow.com

Expert Reviews RatingFusion F3
"Everything about this RAID says sturdy and dependable. I would not hesitate to recommend it for the most grueling of remote operations." DV.com
  DV AwardFusion DX800RAID
"The Sonnet Fusion DX800RAID is best suited to a workstation in which there will be intensive editing of complex material…" DV.com
Studio Monthly ReviewFusion F3
"The Sonnet F3 is in this vaulted class of top professional gear." studiomonthly.com


Articles sur les lecteurs de médias pro
DV AwardQio
"The Qio represents the only product of its kind on the market and I am pleased to recommend it with great enthusiasm." DV.com
  Studio Daily ReviewQio
"…[its] a great option for production houses, editors and DITs who have to make their way in this world of endless media formats." studiodaily.com

Creative Cow RatingQio
"The single most impressive ingest product that I saw was the Sonnet Technologies Qio…Amazing!" creativecow.com
"…This is one fast device. If you have lots of media to off-load and backup it's going to save you a lot of time." xdcam-user.com

Articles sur les produits Thunderbolt
fxphd ReviewEcho ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt
"A few of our favorites include the Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter…Why do they fit in nicely? Basically it's the size/weight and the vast increase in speed." fxphd.com
  IT Enquirer ReviewEcho ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt
"…Echo Thunderbolt Adapter is an elegant solution for those who want to use non-Thunderbolt devices on a Thunderbolt equipped iMac or Mac Mini." itenquirer.com

Articles sur les cartes pour ordinateur
Buzzillions Rating21-in-1 Multimedia Card Reader/Writer
"This is a solid quality product that works great…I highly recommend this product AND this company." buzzillions.com
  Buzzillions Finalist 2011Tempo SATA E2P
"I had purchased an eSATA Sonnet express card for my laptop and was happy with [Sonnet] support…I would recommend this product to anyone looking purchase an esata card." buzzillions.com

Buzzillions RatingAllegro FireWire 400 PCIe
"…A great card to make up for Apple's omission of the 400 ports. Easy to install, comes with easy instructions." buzzillions.com
  AMUG Reviews RatingTempo SATA E4P
"Mac Pro users that are looking for a hard working SATA PM host adapter…will find the Sonnet Tempo E4P is an excellent choice." amug.org

Buzzillions Finalist 2011Allegro USB PCIe
"This is my second Sonnet PCIe card and both have performed flawlessly…worth it if you want professional build and reliability." buzzillions.com
  Buzzillions RatingTempo SATA E4P
"Sonnet cards are the best in the industry…In the 10+ years I have owned various Sonnet products, I have never had a problem, or a failure, or needed to call them for tech support." buzzillions.com

Buzzillions Finalist 2011FireWire/USB ExpressCard/34
"I needed a Firewire 400 port for my new MacBook Pro. The Sonnet Technologies Firewire and USB card gave me exactly what I needed...additional ports." buzzillions.com
  Register Hardware ReviewTempo SATA ExpressCard/34
"…Want to take advantage of eSATA and RAID on your MacBook Pro? Sonnet's Tempo SATA ExpressCard/34 is an easy way to make it happen." reghardware.uk

Macworld AwardPro Dual CompactFlash Adapter
"The two killer features of the unit are speed and the fact that two CF cards can be inserted into the adapter at the same time…" macworld.uk
  Buzzillions Finalist 2011Tempo SATA ExpressCard/34
"…I have several portable drives with eSATA ports, but no port on my Macbook Pro…It gives two eSATA ports with amazing throughput at a great price." buzzillions.com

Bare Feats ReviewPro Dual Compact Flash Adapter
"…is certainly fast and offers options of mounting two CF cards at the same time." barefeats.com
  AMUG Reviews RatingTempo SATA Pro ExpressCard/34
"…provides the highest eSATA ExpressCard/34 performance that AMUG has recorded." amug.org

XDCAM-USER.COM ReviewSDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot
"…Every port has something plugged into it, and all connections work reliably. All in all, well worth the price." xdcam-user.com
  Diglloyd ReviewTempo SATA Pro ExpressCard/34
"The Sonnet Tempo SATA Pro ExpressCard/34 with its Marvell chipset is the speed champ…" diglloyd.com

Buzzillions RatingTango 800 PCIe
"…This is certainly one of the better adapters that I have come across." buzzillions.com

Articles sur les accessoires
Gear Diary Review2fit Notebook Sleeve + Screen Protector
"I really like the 2fit. It provides some much needed protection to your MacBook Pro…" geardiary.com
  Diglloyd ReviewG5 Jive
"[Sonnet's G5 Jive] is the unit I recommend. Sound mechanical construction, a nice sleeved power-splicing cable, accurate and well-reproduced instructions, and a good fit into the G5 case…" diglloyd.com

Appletell RatingFireWire 400-to-800 Adapter
"It fits snugly on both ends, and using it, I was quickly able to get my old MiniDV camcorder to show up in iMovie. As you'd expect from Sonnet, it just works…" appletell.com
  MacNews RatingMacCuff Pro
"The MacCuff Pro offers several benefits…There's something satisfying in that." macsimumnews.com
Buzzillions RatingFireWire 400-to-800 Adapter
"…With the 400-800 FireWire adapter I can hook anything up to my new computer without any issues. This adapter saved me hundreds of dollars." buzzillions.com
  Buzzillions RatingMacCuff Pro
"…simple, elegant solution to get that mac up where you can use it without bending over all day long!!" buzzillions.com




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